Email Security Tips

Internet security is a topic that we all know to be important, but it often sits way back in the recesses of our minds, fooling ourselves into believing that “it won’t happen to me”. Whether it’s the destructive force of the newest virus, we’re always only one click away from dealing with a security mess […]

How To Keep Yourself Safe During Vacation

We’ve all heard horror stories of people being robbed, pick-pocketed and targeted while traveling, but you shouldn’t let that make you afraid to travel. If you take the appropriate precautions while traveling to protect yourself from avoidable trouble, you’ll be just as safe on the road as you are at home. Traveling isn’t any more […]

Private Investigating

Despite great effort, identify theft is still one of the most prevalent crimes in America. Thieves appear to be getting more and more tech savvy, as we store more of our personal information digitally. Here’s the thing — all it takes is a small opportunity for a thief. Even if you protect yourself from obvious attacks, all […]

Five Tips To Improve Your Corporate Security

Companies are busy upgrading their systems, hiring employees and partnering with third parties to keep up with the pace of change. So, what do IT leaders need to prioritize to be sure their efforts have both an immediate and long-term impact on the integrity of their networks and systems? The first step is to develop […]

Preparing For Real-Life Events

There’s no way to ever know when a shooting, or other attacks may happen , but it is always good to be prepared, and alert! No one wants to think that their event or conference will be disrupted by an active shooter, act of god, or terrorist attack. Unfortunately, there are clear precedents from the last few […]

Event Security

Summer is approaching and you know what that means! Several of events happening around the city. Safety is our number one concern when it comes to events, and we want everyone to feel safe all day long while having a good time! Our experienced team of professionals provide everyone involved with a safe and relaxed […]

Cargo Theft

Cargo theft threats represent a significant dollar loss of the value of a single load of product, but there is also the risk of potential supply chain compromise of entire production runs. We partner with logistics and transportation firms to guard your supply chain against theft of product through on site-security measures at warehouses and […]

The Blue Star Security Team Has Developed an Action Plan for Restaurants

Because of ongoing threats like terrorist, and active shooters, The Restaurants Industry faces a wide range of security risks. Blue Star Security has developed recommendations that provides general strategies for ongoing security risk control. We are focused on making sure everyone feels safe in any environment.   Action Plan: -Develop written security policies and emergency […]

Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation: Sports & Sparkle Gala

We are bursting with excitment to be apart of Sports & Sparkle Gala hosted by, The Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation! If you’re interested in attending this years Sports & Sparkle Gala, contact Big Mouth Marketing.   The event will take place on May 3rd 2018, from 6:30pm-10pm. Where fundraising and tailgating meet!! The night will […]

Illinois School Districts Increasing Campus Security

Since the fatal February 14th shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, some school districts in the Fox Valley Region and the St. Charles School District of Illinois are increasing security at their campuses. According to officials, some of the security upgrades were already in motion, but the Parkland shooting has heightened […]