Safety Tips For The 4th of July

Fireworks are gorgeous, but it’s important to remember they can seriously injure you. It wouldn’t feel like the 4th of July without a good fireworks show. But if you’re not going to a professional show and instead are planning on firing them off from your own backyard, know this: they are incredibly dangerous. But if you […]

Summer Concert and Music Festival Safety

Music festivals and concerts are intended to be fun, exciting, and potentially transcendent, but they also raise safety and security concerns for people who attend them as well as organize them. This past weekend at Summer Camp Music Festival, in Chillicothe, IL, attendees are complaining about the lack of security. Whereas some people appreciate the […]

Tips On Keeping Your Home Safe This Summer

Whether you’re on vacation, down the street at the farmers market, or in the backyard enjoying your summer, you want to make sure you’re house will be safe. There’s statistics showing that most home burglaries increase during the summer time months. One of the many things people tend to do is leaving the garage open, […]

Safety Tips For This Summer’s Events

Summer is approaching fast!!! You know what that means, time for summer activities, concerts, and other events. We want to ensure that you and your family members can feel safe and be able to enjoy and participate in these summer festivities.   Here are six event security tips from security professionals that will help ensure that […]