Although every business faces its own security threats, restaurants may be among the most vulnerable. Subject to heavy foot traffic day after day, restaurants are tasked with a unique set of risks that compromise the safety of their staff, guests, and assets. The increased level of criminal activity faced by dining establishments is due to […]

The Blue Star Security Team Has Developed an Action Plan for Restaurants

Because of ongoing threats like terrorist, and active shooters, The Restaurants Industry faces a wide range of security risks. Blue Star Security has developed recommendations that provides general strategies for ongoing security risk control. We are focused on making sure everyone feels safe in any environment.   Action Plan: -Develop written security policies and emergency […]

Retail/Restaurant Security

To the most recent Waffle House incident, officials everywhere are taking action. Blue Star Security provides security services for each of the industry’s, from focusing on loss prevention at store locations and distribution centers, construction sites and malls. Our retail security officers are trained to help reduce inventory loss and to give your customers additional […]