Although every business faces its own security threats, restaurants may be among the most vulnerable. Subject to heavy foot traffic day after day, restaurants are tasked with a unique set of risks that compromise the safety of their staff, guests, and assets. The increased level of criminal activity faced by dining establishments is due to […]

Preparing For Real-Life Events

There’s no way to ever know when a shooting, or other attacks may happen , but it is always good to be prepared, and alert! No one wants to think that their event or conference will be disrupted by an active shooter, act of god, or terrorist attack. Unfortunately, there are clear precedents from the last few […]

The Blue Star Security Team Has Developed an Action Plan for Restaurants

Because of ongoing threats like terrorist, and active shooters, The Restaurants Industry faces a wide range of security risks. Blue Star Security has developed recommendations that provides general strategies for ongoing security risk control. We are focused on making sure everyone feels safe in any environment.   Action Plan: -Develop written security policies and emergency […]

Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation: Sports & Sparkle Gala

We are bursting with excitment to be apart of Sports & Sparkle Gala hosted by, The Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation! If you’re interested in attending this years Sports & Sparkle Gala, contact Big Mouth Marketing.   The event will take place on May 3rd 2018, from 6:30pm-10pm. Where fundraising and tailgating meet!! The night will […]

TSA Announces Stronger Carry-On Screenings

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced the enhanced screening procedures for carry-on baggage. About a year ago, the secure measures required travelers to place all personal electronics larger than a cell phone, in a separate bin during the X-ray screening. In addition to screening electronic devices separately, TSA officers may instruct travelers to separate […]

Background Checks

Are you planning on hiring a new employee, a babysitter, dog walker, nurse, or contractor? Do you have a property that you are about to rent? These situations require answers before we can move forward with our decision. We can help you make an informed choice therefore avoiding potential criminal or unprofessional mishaps by doing […]

Blue Star Security: A Leader in Production and Entertainment Security

Blue Star Security Ltd’s staff has numerous years of experience maintaining, securing, and assisting in movie and television productions. Our experienced, trained team provides security with hands on customer service and risk analysis. We are always ready to tackle unexpected challenges, and provide superior protection at every level. Blue Star Security Ltd’s headquarters is located […]

Why Choose Blue Star Security For Your Security Assessments?

Blue Star Security offers resources and expertise to provide comprehensive security assessments, and consulting support in many locations throughout the US and Canada. We offer solutions that can protect every aspect of your business.  Blue Star Security will develop safety and security plans with effective strategies and programs designed to protect your business, employees, customers, […]

Safer Security at Schools

Education Security requires an on-going proactive commitment, that’s where Blue Star Security stands alone.  We provide the expertise and analysis necessary for a total protection plan. Blue Star’s team of experts provide multiple options of protection to those who are most vulnerable. Why wait for the unexpected tragedy, we can work with you to develop […]