Film Production & Entertainment Security

Multiple years of experience with providing on-set security for high-profile television and film productions has armed the Blue  Star Security team with a profound understanding of the unique challenges faced by the entertainment industry. Security is critical to the entertainment industry not only to protect against catastrophic crisis situations but also to help mitigate the predictable nuances that can waste time and increase expenses during a production shoot. Our highlight-trained law enforcement professionals understand that the cast and crew must be able to work undisturbed-both on studio grounds and on location-without the constant disruption of fans and d the general public.

Our customized security solutions are designed to secure the set and location, protect the cast, crew, and expensive equipment, and allow entertainment production to proceed smoothly and without incident.  All of our professionals have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement and are specifically trained in crowd control tactics and surveillance.  We will identify and mitigate any and all opportunities for theft, disturbances, trespassing, vandalism, unexpected challenges, and other unwanted activities on set.

Blue Star Security’s corporate offices are headquartered in Chicago – now the second-largest city in the nation for television and film production. Our team has the privilege of providing strategic on-set security solutions for numerous high-profile films and television shows, including Empire, American Crime Story, APB, Death Wish, The Chi, Thexorsit, and Widows. Our clients have included many prolific entertainment producers, including Showtime, 20th Century Fox, and Paramount.

We offer the most comprehensive range of security solutions available for film and television production sets, including:

  • Entry/Exit Point

  • Identification

  • Perimeter Security

  • Alarms

  • Privacy Control

  • Site Safety

  • Authorization

  • Inventory Tracking