Maintaining a safe and secure work environment is mandatory for any business to be able to operate efficiently and successfully; unfortunately, U.S. companies face increasingly complicated and unique challenges that threaten the security and well-being of their personnel.

Workplace violence continues to be one of the top security threats facing corporate America – acts of violence in the workplace currently ranks as the third-leading cause of fatal occupational injuries in the U.S. Reports indicate that roughly 7 out of 10 of these security threats originate internally (i.e. involving employees). Research has also identified several factors that may increase the risk of violence within certain work environments. These factors include (but are not limited to) exchanging money with the general public, providing services and/or care, and working in environments where alcohol is served. In addition to workplace violence, corporate organizations face a wide range of security issues that include corporate espionage, stalking, extortion and theft. Employee theft, for example, results in losses of up to $50 billion per year, and a staggering 33% of U.S. companies file bankruptcy as a result of employee theft. Despite such alarming workplace trends, these corporate security threats can largely be prevented.

If you’re looking for professional corporate security services for your organization, the Blue Star Security team is comprised entirely of law enforcement agents who have extensive training – and real-world experience – in mitigating a wide variety of corporate risk concerns. Our security experts understand that every corporate environment faces unique circumstances and challenges: we will work closely with you to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment and develop a customized corporate security solution for your business.

Our corporate security services include:

  • Loss Prevention

  • Crisis Management

  • Hostile Employee Termination

  • Fraud and/or Employee Theft Investigations

Our team is also adept at providing crisis prevention and management strategies during uncomfortable but inevitable workplace scenarios: if, for example, you are faced with terminating a hostile or potentially violent employee, our professionally-trained off-duty police officers can assist you. Our team will consult with you and your staff prior to the termination to devise a plan that maintains a stable work environment throughout the termination. We are also equipped to conduct thorough investigations to uncover and eliminate fraud and employee theft.

Our corporate security expertise can be utilized in any workplace environment, including:

  • Building Security

  • Car Dealer Security

  • Hospital Security

  • Hotel Security

  • Mall Security

  • Office Security

  • Residential Security

  • Restaurant Security

  • Retail Security

  • Warehouses Security

To learn more about how our corporate security services can benefit your organization, contact Blue Star Security.