John L. Folino, Jr. has been a veteran of the Chicago Police Department since 1999 and is the Director of Productions for Blue Star Security. With over 10 years of experience as a television and film consultant, John has trained hundreds of actors in police procedure, policy and tactics. He oversees the security of film sets and locations as well as the executive security of casts and crews. After being promoted to Detective in 2005, John spent 7 years investigating homicides and officer-involved shootings for the Chicago Police. After his promotion to Sergeant in 2012, he served with the 25th Police District. Assigned to the Intelligence Counter-Terrorism Section in 2014, John led a team of officers and detectives who investigated high-profile cases involving organized crime enterprises. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2018 and assigned to the 16th Police District. John currently works for the Central Investigations Division in the Bureau of Detectives He has a MBA in Financial Fraud Examination and Management and is certified in Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management.




Mayday Abdelhadi has been a Chicago police officer since 2006.  Mayday currently works for the Chicago Police Department Counter Terrorism Unit.
Mayday is the Productions Field Supervisor for Blue Star Security and is responsible for scheduling police officers for our productions at the studio and on location.  Mayday has a special talent for fulfilling last-minute manpower requests from our clients 24 hours a day.  He also assists Blue Star Security with day-to-day operations and special projects throughout the year.