Vincent Stinar has been a Chicago police officer since 2001. He currently works for the Chicago Police Department’s Counter Terrorism Unit. Vincent has been with Blue Star Security since 2009 and has made a tremendous impact on the growth of the company.  Vince holds the title of Field Supervisor and is responsible for scheduling and managing numerous locations and day-to-day operations.  Vince also supervises our special operations projects, ensuring that security officers are in constant compliance with procedures and policies. He communicates with clients on a regular basis and relays information to the proper chain of command.




Raul Hernandez has been a Chicago police officer since 2003, working in such units as patrol, gang, tactical and narcotics. Raul is currently an explosives detection K9 handler with the Chicago Police Department. He is a field supervisor with Blue Star Security and is responsible for supervising numerous retail locations throughout the Chicago area.  Raul communicates with clients on a daily basis and relays information up the chain of command to ensure that security agents are following correct post orders. He assists in scheduling, keeping the vehicle fleet in order and ensuring guards are in proper attire.



Miguel Mancha has been a Cook County Deputy Sheriff for 7 years. Miguel joined the Blue Star Security team in 2017 and quickly became an integral part of the company’s daily operations.  Miguel is responsible for scheduling security agents at several locations each day. His professionalism and leadership capabilities have contributed greatly to the success of our Retail Security Division.   



Mark Jakob has been a police officer with the Chicago Police Department since 1996 and has been assigned to numerous units.  Mark started his law enforcement career in Chicago’s South-Side Englewood district and then spent several years in the public housing unit.  He then focused his career in the narcotics division and was assigned to the Bureau of Organized Crime, where he enhanced his skills and was eventually assigned to the DEA Task Force.  Mark joined the Blue Star Security team in 2019 and has taken on the role as Field Supervisor,  where he schedules and manages accounts.



Anthony Jannotta has been a police officer with the Chicago Police Department since 2000.  Throughout his 20-year career in law enforcement, Anthony has been assigned to multiple units and districts. From 2003-2005, he worked with the Targeted Response Unit (TRU), a citywide unit that strategically deployed to areas that had either experienced a significant rise in violent crime, or to areas where there was intelligence that indicated there would be an increase in gang-related activity and violence. In 2005 the unit was reorganized and Anthony spent the subsequent 12 years assigned to the 025th District Tactical Unit. He is currently assigned to Unit 050 located at O’Hare International Airport. As a Field Supervisor for Blue Star Security, Anthony handles basic scheduling as well as business relationships for the company.