7 Tips for Business Security

business security

Whether you are in the business of providing a service to a customer, or providing a product, there will always be a risk factor with the information that you handle; for both you and the customers. It is a good idea to put safeguards in place before any major problem comes up. Blue Star Security will […]

Five Things You Need To Know About Executive Protection

Protecting executives today is about much more than physically shielding them from danger. The cyber security risks are higher than ever, and organizations need to ensure that the network and data access many high-level executives have doesn’t become an easy entry point for attackers. CSOs and CISOs need to make executive protection a high priority […]

How To Protect Your Business From Cargo Theft

Cargo theft can spell financial disaster for your business and damage your relationships with customers, who might lose trust in your security practices. Even if your cargo-insurance policy covers the full value of the most expensive goods you haul, exemptions could leave you vulnerable. Policies could exclude coverage if the truck was unattended, if the […]

Tips On Keeping Your Kids Safe This Summer

Dust off your grill and grab your swimsuits, because summer is almost here! And you know what that means! A time for lazy days at the pool, exciting trips, and plenty of sun and fun. But if you’re like most parents, you struggle with the balance between allowing your children the freedom to gain independence and keeping […]

Safer Security at Schools

Education Security requires an on-going proactive commitment, that’s where Blue Star Security stands alone.  We provide the expertise and analysis necessary for a total protection plan. Blue Star’s team of experts provide multiple options of protection to those who are most vulnerable. Why wait for the unexpected tragedy, we can work with you to develop […]

5 Tips to Ensure Executive Protection

Conduct a risk analysis The first step is to conduct a comprehensive risk analysis. This includes identifying those individuals in the organization who are critical to the business and likely targets. Make a Strong Case for Protection Challenging your top executives to determine his or her vulnerabilities and showing just how vulnerable that person is, […]